Lost Children

Please alert your nearest steward immediately if you find a lost child. If you have lost your child, please contact a steward or make your way to the First Aid tent.

First Aid & Emergency Services

The First Aid tent is situated at the end of the cattle lines adjacent to the Secretary’s tent. First Aid is dealt with by Emergency Response Systems.

Cash Machines

There are no cash machines on site. To make our traders lives easier, please try and bring cash with you where possible. Some traders may have access to WiFi for card payment transactions but this will be the exception rather than the rule.

Cash back is available at the ticket gates.

Health & Hygiene

We want you to enjoy your experience of visiting the Show and to take advantage of the opportunity to see and interact with a range of animals. Generally show animals are very clean but there is a small risk of infection through animal contact especially for young children.

Please use a common sense approach to hygiene when you have been touching animals or their pens and make sure that you and your children wash hands with soap and water and dry them with the hand towels provided, especially before eating anything.

There are signs to hand washing stations around the show, if you are unsure where the nearest is, please ask one of the stewards.

Dogs are welcome at the show

Dogs must be kept on a fixed lead at all times

Please clean up after your dog.

Dogs are not allowed access to the Livestock lines or the Food Hall. Assistance dogs are welcome in the Food Hall but not in the Livestock Lines for safety reasons.

No dogs are to be left unattended in your car at any time, even with the window open – dogs die in hot cars.