2018 Wrought Ironwork Competition

Thank you to all competitors and volunteers. If you would like to compete in next year’s competitions, please drop us an email with your contact details.

2017 Results:

1st Sam Bailey – Companion Set
2nd Andrew Hall –  Companion Set
3rd Ben Tanner – Mirror

1st Paul Gilbert – Door Knocker
2nd Sam Bailey – Hanging Basket Bracket
3rd Simon Hall – Hanging Basket Bracket

1st Vlad Navratil – Viking Ship
2nd Simon Hall – Mirror
3rd Malcolm Shepherd

Show Champion Paul Gilbert –  Door Knocker
Reserve Sam Bailey – Companion Set

Live Competition 
~Something to do with a nursery rhyme~
Champion James Crossman – Little-Bo-Peep
Reserve Paul Gilbert – Miss Muffet Spider

Public vote winner Vlad Navratil – Viking Ship


We hold a qualifying show for the NBCC Blacksmith of the year competition at our yearly North Somerset Show, held on the 1st bank holiday in May.