Poultry and Waterfowl Show


Current DEFRA rulings on gatherings of poultry mean that unfortunately the North Somerset Poultry and Wildfowl show has been cancelled for 2017. We very much hope to see all competitors again in 2018. Please see below for official ruling information:

“Since 20 December 2016, markets, fairs, shows, exhibitions or other gatherings of poultry (including chicken, geese, ducks, pheasants, turkeys and guinea fowl) have been banned in all areas of England and this ban will be in place until further notice. We do not know at present when the ban will be lifted.

Please note the ban on gatherings of poultry is NOT part of the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone Declaration, the changes on 28 February 2017 to that declaration have not affected the ban on poultry gatherings.”