Countryside Day 2013

Following the success of the 2011 Countryside Day (and despite the 2012 washout), the Society held the second Countryside Day on Wednesday 10th July at Bathing Ponds Fields.

The day aimed to increase the children’s awareness of food production and took them¬†through the journey from ‘plough to plate‘.

The day was not only  about agriculture, but also covered rural industries, traditions and heritage.

Over 2,000 school children attended from North Somerset, Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare.

Many thanks to all our stewards and helpers who helped make the day such a success!

Reviews of the day:

“Some children had never seen a cow up close and didn’t realise how big they were – they laughed when the farmer squirted milk from the udders. They loved having the cheese samples and the cold yogurts were a definite hit…” – A teacher from St Marks C of E Primary School

“Thank you one billion times for inviting us to this wonderful day out.” -Freya, Class 4

“I especially liked seeing the lawn mower, the raker and the baler in action it was so cool” Rufus, class 4

“Cute baby chicks only 1 hour old
Outstanding Sheep Show
Ultra fun day
Noisy children
Tenth of July 2013
Really sunny weather
Yoghurt and cheese-yummy!
Snorts coming from the little pigs
Ice cream!!
Delightful day
Eating lunch in the shade

Dancing sheep
Admiring the cute Kune-Kune pigs
Yay we got to eat bread (it was delicious)” – Rhiannon

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