Apply for a catering concession here.

Successful applicants will be notified by 19th February.  Payment is due by 2nd March 2019 and any concession not paid in full by this date will be deemed to have lapsed and will be offered elsewhere.

Concessions Available for 2019

3 beefburger / hotdog 1 pizza 2 strawberry /fresh fruit
 1 pig roast 1 toasted sandwich &/or panini  2 desserts
1 roast carvery  Cold filled baguettes (no sausage, bacon or fried egg) 2 doughnuts/crepes
1 steak  2 vegetarian / health food 2 confectionery & candy floss
3 pie and/or pasty  1 jacket potato  2 coffee bar
1 fish & chips 1 noodle bar 1 tea & cakes / doughnuts
1 seafood 4 small farm producers 1 milk bar/milk shakes/hot chocolate
1 exotic and unusual meats 1 cream tea 1 juice bar/smoothies/fresh lemonade

The Society reserves the right to invite tenders from different types of concessions other than those listed.

We would ask each stand to bring some chairs & picnic tables with them (where possible) so as to create an eating area in which the general public can sit and enjoy their refreshments.  We hope this will encourage sales and create a pleasant environment